Painting & Drawing Exercises
Because of my books on color and painting techniques, I have received many requests to place painting, drawing and color mixing exercises on my website. I hope you enjoy these exercises and find them fun and helpful.
Due to so many of my tutorials and free lessons being plagiarized, I am forced to place this notice stating
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Oil Painting Exercises
1. Oil glazing lesson painting rocks under water  

2. Knife painting lesson - "Living on the Edge"

3. Painting Candle Flame & Larger Fire

4. Mixing Oil Glaze Mediums

Watercolor Painting Exercises

1. Watercolor lesson - "Homestead"

Acrylic Painting Exercises

1. Acrylic lesson - Majestic Sunset



1. Still Life - Books and Glasses

2. Drawing a Classic Automobile

3. Drawing Clouds in Perspective

4. Drawing the Inside of a Room

5. Draw a House with Roof & Eaves in Perspective




1. Color Mixing Info and Formulas

Click here for a complete list of colors used in
all of William's Color Mixing Recipe books

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